1. Santa Magic staff will escort you into Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland and place you in the next available set and bring Santa in for your photoshoot.

2. You may remove your masks to take photos only. Your photos will be displayed instantly for selection.  After you have selected your photos, replace your masks to share your lists and wishes with Santa.

3.  Upon completing your visit with Santa, your purchase may be picked up at the print stations near the exit.


• Schedule your Santa appointment in advance.  Same day appointments are based on availability and not guaranteed. The earlier you book ,the more likely you will be to get the appointment time you desire

• Arrive with enough time prepare for your Santa Visit (coats off, hair combed, etc) and check in. 

• The Santa Magic staff will escort you into Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland.  Do not enter by yourself.  Please respect all social distancing rules, directions, and prompts.

• PROPERLY WORN MASKS ARE REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are unable to wear a mask, please refrain from scheduling a visit. We will be providing virtual Santa story times and experiences during the holiday season for those unable to visit.

santa magic

Safety Protocals

Two Settings

Santa Magic has moved to Santa’s Whismical Wonderland, located in the store front adjacent to Best Buy.

While one set is being used, our staff will be cleaning the other set to ready it for the next guests.

If you wish to have your choice of sets, PLEASE SELECT AN APPOINTMENT DURING A SLOW PERIOD OF THE DAY. 

During busy times, the next available sanatized set will be used and no choice given.

The Fireplace Set

Set in front of our fun and whismical Santa house, a second chair has been added so that children and families can use our oversized Santa Settee while Santa provides  safe distancing by sitting on the other side of the fireplace.  


The Sleigh

What is more whismical than a photo set in Santa’s sleigh?  Shot from an elevated position to showcase the your family and the setting, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this new setting.



Masks minimize the risk to Santa, Santa Magic Staff and most importantly your family. You will be given the opportunity to remove your masks while our photographer captures your Santa Magic memories.  Masks must be replaced directly following photos.



This gives us the best opportunity to minimize the rsik of community spread and maximize the opprotunity to experience Santa in a new Holiday Norm.

A Photo Purchase is required to schedule a visit with Santa