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Capture the Moment!

We capture traditional and unique moments during your experience.

Cherish Your Family

Ask your photographer to take a second set to include your whole family.

Share Your Holiday!

Share your Santa Magic experience with print, social and digital products.

Welcome to
Santa Magic!

Daisy The Bunny's Schedule

March 16, 2018 – March 31, 2018
11 am – 8 pm
Monday through Saturday

Noon – 5 pm Sundays

  • Visits are first come, first served & free; however,  No Personal Recording Devices.
  • After your visit, view your photos at one of our viewing stations.
  • You can request multiple sittings: kids alone, kids with siblings, whole family etc.
  • Our process is very efficient and lines don’t last.
  • We will only contact you in the event of lost photos.
  • We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

This is a very challenging experience for my family. The photographers have a talent when they can make a “grumpy” family leave smiling. Thank the whole team for us, everyone of them were so helpful and pleasant!

Share Your Holiday

  • $10.99 Each
  • Standard Size
  • Horizontal or Vertical


  • $13.99 Each
  • Great for desk framing
  • Horizontal or vertical

  • $19.99 each
    $11.99 as an add-on purchase
  • Perfect for Wall Framing
  • Horizontal or Vertical

  • $10.99 - four small wallets
  • 2" x 3"
  • Fits most wallets

  • $13.99 - Four large Wallets
  • 2.5" x 3.5"
  • Perfect sharing
  • Too big for most wallets

  • $21.55
  • One 4″ x 6″ & four small wallets
  • Scrapbook and four to share

  • 24.55
  • One 5″ x 7″ & four small wallets
  • Desk Frame and four to share with family

  • $33.99
  • One 5″ x 7″, two 4″ x 6″ & four wallets
  • One for parents, two for grandparents and four to share

  • $48.99
  • Two 5″ x 7″, three 4″ x 6″ & eight small wallets
  • Large family solution… great value!

  • $44.99 – 1 – 5 images
  • Delivered on Branded Jump Drive and includes Copyright Release

  • $74.99 -6 + images
  • Delivered on Branded Jump Drive and includes Copyright Release

  • $32.99 purchased seperately 1- 10 Images
    $21.99 as an add-on purchase
  • Includes Holiday Song
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE COPYRIGHTS – No Printing Available

  • $7.99 Add On Only
  • Not Available for Stand alone Purchase
  • Copyrights NOT included, Non Printing File
Appreciated how friendly the employees were and I was amazed at how quick the process was without feeling like we were being rushed. You guys did a good job of balancing the two. Great job!


Call 701-282-2222 to inform West Acres Security of your intent to bring a LEASHED pet for photos with Daisy the Bunny.

Santa Magic on the Road

Santa Magic does travel to other public and private events.  Call 701-630-0176 to schedule your event.

They take the time to make sure this holiday tradition is in the spirit of the holiday. THANK YOU to the whole team but especially Kriss she helped adapt to one of my children’s special needs and worked so well with him. Alex will remember how she cared 😃

Helpful Hints

Your trip to see Santa Magic has been planned down to the last detail, only problem is some members of your family are not on the same page.  Whether it be a sleeping or crying baby, a timid two year old or a reluctant tween, Santa Magic has some tips and tools to help save the day.

Bucket Assist

Basket + Babies = Adorable.

Sibling Assist

Siblings can often give great courage.

Grandparent Assist

Grandparents have a special kind of magic.

We have a variety of signs to make your photos fun!  Browse below to plan ahead

Egg Hunt Champ
He Is Risen
Happy Easter
Hangin' With My Peeps
Some Bunny Loves Me
Your Crack Me Up
Where's The Chocolate?
Feelin' Egg-Cellent
Good Hare Day
I 'm a Basket Case